/Sacred Femininity: What It Is & 3 Ways To Embrace It

Sacred Femininity: What It Is & 3 Ways To Embrace It

Femininity is sacred; it’s one half of our innate wholeness. Whether male or feminine, every of us carries the female thread that permits us to be aware receptors, intuitive self-healers, and considerate contributors. As a collective, we’re starting the journey of waking as much as the need of this integral half of ourselves, however one thing holds us again. Something concerning the values of the trendy world makes it difficult for us to embrace these female points of life and of ourselves.

In a fragmented world, there exists an inclination to view occasions, behaviors, and emotions from a mindset of judgment; as proper or flawed, worthy or unworthy, useful or invaluable. Overarching beliefs about what constitutes the appropriate, the worthy, and the precious stem from the very nature of the system that encompasses all of it — from a Western tradition that values assertion, wealth, and progress.

This dualistic lens can lead us to imbalance; that’s if we don’t perceive the character of seemingly opposing qualities. Within a goal-oriented, profit-driven society, we are likely to favor logical, lively, and outwardly-oriented behaviors. We, as a collective, look as much as those that are rational, those that are fast to make selections, and people who are bold. These are our leaders and so they be certain that issues get carried out. These are the inherently masculine – each women and men – who form our world from the surface. Masculinity on this approach has nothing to do with being male or feminine.

When the intent and mission of those exterior actions stem from a spot of interior knowledge, instinct, and steering, these qualities form as much as be admirable and useful contributors to a wholesome society; however, when out of tune with the female half of this useful equation, we’re at a loss. Given the societal drive for clear, measurable actions and outcomes, the female struggles to seek out its footing and make its mark. Because of this drive for progress and objective achievement, we have now a a lot tougher time embracing traits of femininity – each inside our selves and inside others.

Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee makes notice of this commentary when he writes, “…we stay primarily masculine values; we’re goal-oriented, aggressive, pushed. Masculine values even dominate our non secular quest; we search to be higher, to enhance ourselves, to get someplace. We have forgotten the female qualities of ready, listening, being empty. ”

These female qualities – this potential to attend, to pay attention, to be empty – will not be owned by girls; they’re ownerless and genderless. Each of us holds the capability to change into totally woke up to our sacred femininity. This aspect of us is what permits us to stream, to obtain intuitive messages, and to give up. We can take into account it sacred as a result of it’s via this give up, via this full embrace, that we actually change into in contact with ourselves – that we actually divulge heart’s contents to the invaluable wealth of information that lives inside.

Embracing femininity is a gap of our selves in an effort to see what exists just a bit bit deeper; to look inside and to be totally current with the knowledge, stream, and thriller of our our bodies, hearts, and spirits. Practicing it’s easy; all it requires is a setting apart of area and time and an open coronary heart. These three practices are welcoming the primary steps.

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1. Mind the physique and your feelings.

Mindfulness meditation merely asks us to concentrate. All it asks is for us to really feel – to note what is occurring inside and round us. It doesn’t require evaluation or decision-making. It holds area for us to be precisely as we’re – no objectives, no beneficial properties, and no imaginative and prescient.

How does mindfulness permit us to embrace our femininity? Over time, it helps us break the behavior of needing to repair, obtain, or mend issues. In the area it then opens up, we change into extra attuned to what’s occurring inside us. This quiet observe permits us to higher perceive our physique and our feelings – not from a psychological place however from an intuitive perspective.

To observe, take a minimal of 5 minutes to sit down or lie down quietly. You can set a timer to assist permit the anxious thoughts to quiet down for this time. Ensure, to the extent of your human capability, that you’ll not be disturbed for no matter size of time you want to tune into the physique. Grab any desired cushions or blankets and make any last changes obligatory to assist the physique calm down.

Once you might be in a quiet and comfy place, draw your consciousness to your breath. Simply observe it with out attempting to govern its depth or its stream. Allow its innate knowledge to nourish you. After a number of breath cycles, convey your consciousness all the way down to your stomach as you breathe. Notice if the breath modifications along with your shift in consideration. Take three extra full breaths right here.

If a thought or emotion begins to wander wildly, start to develop the observe of observing its path. Notice the character of its stream – the best way it strikes and the locations to which it goes. Simply observe with curiosity, compassion, and non-judgment. This is a part of our innate female potential – to give up to all of our expertise. Practice this give up by repeating the phrases, “I give up to all that I don’t perceive.”

Explore this observe any time the thoughts or feelings take over. By opening ourselves to this consciousness with out judgment, we come to higher perceive what strikes us. We make area for instinct and deep information to rise to the floor.

2. Move, dance, and play.

The rational nature of any human being just isn’t what we might name his or her female aspect; relatively, the female aspect has a singular stream to it that strikes just like the wind (and keep in mind, this manner of utilizing the phrases ‘masculine’ and ‘female’ don’t have anything to do with gender; they’re pointers in direction of alternative ways of being and referring to the world). Sacred femininity doesn’t stick to at least one path and it follows the steering of its coronary heart relatively than its logical thoughts.

To assist embody this stream in a approach that’s secure and exploratory, we are able to begin to really feel it throughout the physique. Through motion, dance, and playfulness, it’s doable to immerse ourselves within the aspect of us that needs to create, merely for the enjoyment of it. There are not any set guidelines relating to one of these observe; actually, any try to provide pointers appears opposite to what the observe claims to supply. However, if the idea is new and the physique feels caught, some preliminary steering may help to get issues flowing.

One approach to get into the physique is with the help of music. Find some piece of instrumental music, or lyrical if that feels extra welcoming at this level, and a quiet area to get pleasure from it in. If it feels snug and you might be in a secure area to go sightless, place a watch masks over your eyes to deeply enter the physique. As the music performs, permit your physique to maneuver to its personal rhythm and stream. Move each rhythmically and contrarily to what comes naturally, witnessing how totally different actions really feel to the thoughts and physique. You would possibly select to introduce some intuitive affirmation, reminiscent of, “It is secure to be free. It is secure to be me.” Experiment with no matter would possibly help you in letting the physique and thoughts go.

This kind of observe could be carried out with portray, drawing, writing, or another mode of expressing your self. Come into your chosen exercise with childlike openness and surprise. If it feels awkward or unnatural at first, merely permit that to be the case with out working from it. Bring a way of conscious consciousness to this observe, simply as you’d to meditation.

3. Connect along with your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is our second chakra. It is called the vitality level for artistic and sexual energies. It could be thought of female and passive and is related to the factor of water. Like water, we every carry the flexibility to stream. We have an innate potential to create, to procreate, and to embrace the juiciness of life. By reconnecting to the sacral, we strengthen these probably hindered skills. Through the sacral, we are able to improve and honor our divine femininity.

Reconnecting with Svadhisthana could be carried out in quite a lot of methods, however one easy approach to change into reacquainted with it’s via a seated meditation with centered sacral consciousness. To observe this, make your approach right into a seated or mendacity down place. Any place is okay as long as the fingers can relaxation comfortably on the pelvis. Bring your fingers to relaxation flat on the pelvis. Allow the thumbs to the touch each other and the index fingers to do the identical, making a downward-pointing triangle. The fashioned triangle, now nurturing Svadhisthana, helps to attract consideration and vitality to this chakra.

Take a number of regular breaths out and in earlier than deepening your breath to succeed in the area between and beneath your fingers. Visualize therapeutic mild or vitality flowing into this area. Allow this to be the main focus of your meditation, sitting with this consciousness for at the least 5 minutes. As with the mindfulness meditation, chances are you’ll set a timer to facilitate the thoughts’s launch. Whenever the thoughts makes an attempt to wander, merely draw it again to your vitality visualization, to your breath, to your fingers, after which to your sacral chakra. Allow this vitality middle to change into deeply nourished and valued.

Femininity and masculinity are current inside every human and each halves maintain distinctive transformative and therapeutic capabilities. To assist discover our stability and approach via this life, it will be important that we discover area to honor and nurture all points of us. In a dualistic world, it’s normally the stronger voice that wins; nonetheless, via reawakening and embracing the female side of ourselves, we start to know that the outward voice can’t be in comparison with the inward voice.

Beneath the floor, our female nature is constructing softly. Through our aware consideration to an embodiment of this stream, we start to unravel a brand new aspect of ourselves; we start to worth elements of ourselves the world had taught us to query.