/Name Rick’s Books: The Finalists

Name Rick’s Books: The Finalists

Thanks so much for the outpouring of creativity you shared after I asked for your help finding good titles for my two upcoming books: my “art book” and my “articles book.”

Each book is a beautifully illustrated collection of 100 short chapters. The “art book” features my 100 favorite pieces of European art, along with descriptions designed to stoke the joy travelers feel when they see great paintings, statues, and architecture. The “articles book” is a collection of 100 of my best articles, and is designed to show off both my favorite slices of Europe and what I consider my best travel writing.

Over 1,000 of you submitted title suggestions on Facebook — and I enjoyed reading them all. We have several options that I now like, but I’d love your help with the final decision. Please consider the below and comment with your favorite titles for each book. Thanks again.

— The Art Book —
Each title will likely begin with “Rick Steves’,” followed by a short title and subtitle.

Favorite Suggested Titles:

European Masterpieces: 100 Favorite Works of Art
European Masterpieces: The Top 100
European Masterpieces: 100 Works of Art
European Art: 100 Top/Favorite Masterpieces
European Art: My 100 Favorite Masterpieces
Europe’s Best Art: The/My Heavenly Hundred
Europe’s Art in 100 Masterpieces
European Art: The Top 100
Europe’s Greatest Art: 100 Masterpieces
100 Masterpieces: Europe’s Best Art
100 Favorite Masterpieces: Europe’s Best Art
Europe’s Best Art: Rick Steves’ 100 Favorite Masterpieces
For the Love of Art: Europe’s Top 100
European Art: The Top 100

Mix & Match: Any of the above titles and subtitles

Other Good Titles:

A Travelers’ Guide to Art Appreciation
Europe in 100 Masterpieces
Essential Art: Europe’s Top 100
100 Favorite Masterpieces – Explained
The Art of Travel: 100 Favorite Masterpieces
The Art of Travel: Experiencing Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces
Rick Steves’ Top 100: An Art Tour of Europe
Rick Steves’ Favorite 100 Works of European Art
Great Art of Europe: My Favorite 100 Masterpieces

— The Articles Book —
Mix and match the following for the best complete title:


For the Love of Europe:
Unforgettable Europe:
Experience Europe:
Europe’s Greatest Hits:
Loving Europe:
Rendezvous with Europe:


Musings on 45 Years of Travel
Musings on a Lifetime of Travel
100 Musings from a Lifetime of Travel
100 Favorite Articles/Experiences
100 Reasons to Keep on Traveling
An Anthology of 100 Favorite Articles
100 Favorite Articles
My Favorite 100 Slices
100 Vivid Encounters
100 Stories from a Temporary Local
A Collection of 100 Favorite Articles

Good Words:

Musings, Encounters, Experiences, Articles, Top, Favorite, Best, Highlights, Vignettes

Other Good Titles:

Rick Steves’ 100 Favorite European Experiences
Rendezvous Europe: 100 Favorite Articles
Loving Europe: 100 Favorite Encounters
Wish You Were Here: Rick Steves’ 100 Favorite European Experiences/Articles
Dancing with Europa: An Anthology of 100 Favorite Articles
Dancing with Europa: 100 Favorite Experiences
For the Love of Europe: 100 Musings from a Lifetime of Travel