/Your Help Needed: Name Another New Book!

Your Help Needed: Name Another New Book!


Thanks a lot for all the creative assistance you gave me yesterday. It was so fun reading through all your ideas about what to call my new art book. We’re mulling over the list now, and I’ll be sure to let you know what our final choice is.

In fact, you were so helpful that I’m hoping to tap into your collective creativity again. Can you help me come up with a title for another new book of mine? This one showcases 100 articles about my favorite slices of Europe. It’s designed to give travel dreamers a fun-to-read overview of Europe’s most exciting experiences and sights.

I need a title with no more than six words, and maybe (or maybe not) a subtitle. Here are a few that we’re considering…but I’m hoping for something catchier:

Rick Steves’ For the Love of Europe
Rick Steves’ Europe: 100 Favorite Encounters
Dancing with Europa: 100 Best Experiences
For the Love of Europe: 100 Intimate Rendezvous with European Travel Thrills
For the Love of Europe: Musings on 45 Years of Travel
Loving Europe: 100 Favorite Encounters
European Pie: 100 Unforgettable Slices
Rick Steves: Favorite European Experiences
Rick Steves: 100 European Experiences
Rick Steves: 100 Great Days in Europe
Rick Steves: Dispatches from Europa
For the Love of Europe: 100 Favorite Articles/Experiences/Encounters/Slices

Possible subtitles:
A Collection of Rick’s Favorite Experiences in Europe
Eye-opening Experiences from Over 45 Years of Travel
Eye-opening Stories from 3,000 Days Traveling in Europe

Thanks for your help!