/Mercury Goes Into Aquarius: A Pulse Of Higher Consciousness And Social Gatherings Are Upon Us

Mercury Goes Into Aquarius: A Pulse Of Higher Consciousness And Social Gatherings Are Upon Us

Mercury in Aquarius 9:49 pm PST 6:49 EST

If things in your life have been overly difficult or tedious as of late, this is going to be a perfect time to understand complex issues and bust out of a rut you’ve been in because this Aquarian energy will shake things up. Mercury in Aquarius is going to stimulate your consciousness, help you be original, and resolve your mental blocks, causing creativity to flow with ease once again.

Getting in touch with your creative side will be the best way to channel these Mercury vibes. The Aquarian energy will give you more of a unique way of doing things, this is going to be perfect for exploring new ideas, going on an escapade, taking some bold fashion risk, and revamping the stuff in your life that could benefit from change.

The need for socializing will be huge because your communication skills will be open. It is time to get with friends and be part of the collective. You will be attracted to people from all walks of life in a platonic and romantic way. A sense of adventure fills your life so this will be a time to explore new things you’ve always wanted to try. This is a fantastic time to fight for what you believe in and help your fellow human. There will be a lot of energy put into efforts that stand for something. This doesn’t mean you will be out in the picket line, you could merely donate or join a group that advocates for others without a voice.

Since Aquarius symbolizes technology, scientific thinking is going to be on the forefront. Your brain will be sharp and able to look at every situation from various perspectives. Groundbreaking thoughts will fill your mind causing you to have eureka moments in the things you are trying to invent which will get you back in touch with your gadget geek side.

You will be looking for stimulation that challenges your mind. Your attitude is progressive and ready to dig into esoteric topics. This is because Aquarius also rules subjects that are not part of the mainstream so your interest will lean towards Astrology, psychic phenomenon, and other New Age areas of study. On a social level, you will find yourself connecting with others and having a meeting of the minds causing your conversations to be thought-provoking and abstract.

Because of the air of intellect, individuals might come off a bit aloof and unbothered. This is because Aquarian-like energy doesn’t enjoy vulnerability, they like to come off deep and mysterious, so you will see that others are naturally more hang-back or intentionally trying to play it cool. There is a tendency to play mind games due to some people feeling as though they are intellectually superior so you might encounter a few tricksters during this transit. Changeable energy fills the air so your thoughts might go through a lot of fluctuations causing you to feel up and down with your thinking. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes so your mind might go from one thought to the next or you might feel like you are a little inconsistent with the abrupt shifts in your thinking or how others are communicating.

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Transits Connecting With Mercury in Aquarius

So, how will the transits of Mercury in this sign affect you over the next 3 weeks? To see where this planet will be aspecting in your chart go to astro.com because this reading applies to the collective rather than on an individual level. A transit chart will give you a good idea on what area of life this planetary sign change will occur.

Mercury Square Uranus – People Stop Communicating Abruptly

If you are looking for good conversations this isn’t the aspect for it, there is a lot of shifty energy due to the nature of Uranus in a hard aspect to Mercury. This could cause one-word text, people who drop off communication, and anxiety over feeling rejected. Give this sometime before you react because it could create drama, wait for others to get back to you.

Mercury Conjunct Sun – Your Mind Absorbs Information at A Fast Pace

This is amazing for retaining information because your brain is like a sponge. Nervous energy might run through you because your mind is working like rapid fire and you might not be able to keep up with all the information coming at you. This is going to be an excellent time to express yourself and talk about the topic you excel in. Try not to overwork yourself, or this can lead to anxiety and defensiveness.

Mercury Sesquiquadrate Moon – Sensitive to The Energy of Others

Your intuition is on point, and you are able to sense feelings from others like an empath. Your mind is open to information that comes in with ease. Watch out for coming off in a way that contradicts what you are trying to convey because this energy changes your moods and thoughts; so you might come off inconsistent. This is because you can pick up other vibes, so it affects your emotions. There is a vibe of gossip and lies with this transit so try to be mindful. Protecting yourself from others who are deceitful by keeping your distance from them is the best way to stay out of trouble with this transit.

Mercury SemiSquare Venus – Unreliable Love Life

An aspect such as this is fantastic for creative types. However, it does bring up insecurities in a relationship or dating situation. This is the kind of energy that isn’t good for connecting genuinely. It is more so like superficial hook-ups or unreliable types that won’t contact you after you called/texted them. If you’re just looking for a date for the evening, this aspect is perfect for just that, nothing long-term.

Mercury SemiSquare Jupiter – Take Your Time When Making Major Decisions

Optimism fills your life, and you are ready to take charge of your circumstance. There is an opportunity to expand your world through travel and education, also opening your mind up spiritually. Try to take your time because an aspect like this could cause you to be off-kilter and have a lack of good judgment. You need to watch out for people who are selling the dream. Also, take your time with legal docs and make sure you are looking over the fine print.

Mercury Opposition Moon’s North Node – Miscommunication

Take full advantage of the karmic vibes from this aspect to get involved with like-minded individuals who are on your level intellectually. This is good for honest communication in relationships, but some of that honesty could cause insecurities and misinterpretations from others. The opportunity to connect with people in business and scholarly positions is high with this transit.

Mercury Trine Chiron – Resolution to Arguments

This is amazing for diffusing drama, any issues you might have been going through over the last few weeks will be resolved. You are going to deal with spiritual types or motivational people. You might be the one who helps others with your words in a healing way. Use this energy to work on your strength in areas you need healing.

Innovative Vibes For The Next 3 Weeks

Mercury will be in Aquarius Until February 10th, so please take advantage of the cool vibes that fill the air from this cutting-edge sign. Use this time to educate yourself because it is the perfect transit to learn and absorb subjects. Also, this is going to be your time to connect with others and find your place among the crowd.