/“Reality Touring” with Nation Travels

“Reality Touring” with Nation Travels

Nation Travels

Honolulu or Havana? The world is full of travel opportunities that are more than enjoyable — they can be transformational. By getting out of our comfort zone, we realize that different people find different truths to be self-evident and God-given. We gain an understanding of the other 96 percent of humanity — and in many ways, we can learn a lot about our own country by viewing it from afar.

My tour company has been taking Americans on the road for more than 40 years now. From Lisbon to Istanbul, and from St. Petersburg to Palermo, we offer tours across Europe. I love each of our itineraries, and I frequently travel along with our tour groups — but I also regularly travel beyond Europe. And when I do, I like to enlist the help of what I call “reality tour” companies — organizations that offer educational trips for thoughtful travelers. You can find a list of some of my favorites here.

Recently, I found out about another great option for Americans who want to get an education on the road: Nation Travels. This organization, which is run by The Nation Magazine, takes small groups of progressives to parts of the world whose governments are at odds with our own, with the hope that citizen-to-citizen contact will lead to more productive engagement. At each destination, they introduce travelers to a network of interesting locals, including academics, journalists, activists, and artists — and 100% of their proceeds fund The Nation’s journalism. Plus, their itineraries cover some of my favorite destinations, including India, Iran, and Cuba. Check them out — and keep on travelin’!