/Uranus Is Now Out Of Retrograde: Here’s What That Means For You

Uranus Is Now Out Of Retrograde: Here’s What That Means For You

  • Uranus RX Direct in Aries January 6th, 2019 10:21 am PST
  • 8/7/18 4:30 am Stationary Retrograde
  • 4/7/19 Moves forward in Taurus
  • 4/23/19 4:50 am Out of RX Shadow

Uranus is the last of the 2018 planets to leave Retrograde, so now we have two months before we have to worry about any sort of Retrogrades for a whole 8 weeks. What a relief! Take these next 2 months to proceed with your projects or start something new because this direct motion is happening around the New Moon in Capricorn; therefore, an outpour of stable energy will be provided to your innovative path. Additionally, this retro-direct station won’t be a time where things are the usual erratic vibes you would get with Uranus because the energy from Capricorn will bring us structure. I’m not saying we won’t have some weird moments it’s Uranus after all, but things will be a little less off-kilter than it would be with this quirky planet.

Uranus was one of the last 3 planets to go into retrograde in 2018; mind you majority of the heavenly bodies in our solar system were inverse at the same time, or some were one right after the other. Last year was filled with Retrograde vibes, and for a while, it seemed like we couldn’t get a break, so the fact that Uranus is the latter of this inverse cycle from the previous year makes this a time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Currently, in Aries, Uranus is putting in the finishing touches of energy with this sign. In other words, anything that needs to be wrapped up in this zodiac sign will be finalized from now until April 7th When it goes forward in Taurus. This is about fixing our egos, learning how to express ourselves, blazing a trail in areas our lives need a personal revolution, and letting go of any anger we have been holding on to for the last five months.

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How Did Uranus Wake You Up? 8/7/18 Station Retrograde.

Take this time to consider what has awakened in you, what has changed beyond your control. In other words, what was it in your life that needed to be shaken up so you could bust out of your rut and walk away from things that restrict you as an individual? When this planet went inverse, it awakens what’s latent in you, so things you’ve been putting off for yourself regarding self-expression, going for the job you want regardless of how crazy it sounds, joining groups who share your views, even finding better situations that align with who you are. Uranus woke those feelings up in you, and now there is no turning back, you are different now.

During this period you went through a time where you underwent construction in areas that needed a significant overhaul. You were suddenly awakened by your situation, environment, and other areas that needed to change. This was a time for you to take a risk and finally do things you always wanted. Even if they seemed outside of what is normal, you had to live your life for you. So over the last five months, you might have noticed you went through a few phases.

  1. It was time to stop ignoring your needs, you finally woke up and realized your life wasn’t what you thought it was; change was needed and a way to break out of the rut you’ve been living in, this was the start of an inner revolution that caused you to get real with yourself.
  2. You stood up for what’s right. There are areas in your life that you never knew could go through a renaissance. A radical change in the way you approach life brought you anxiety because it awakened things you ignored. But it was all about becoming self-reliant, no longer putting your life in other peoples hands.
  3. At this time you finally voiced your feelings to those who caused restriction. It was time to tell others that they can’t dictate how you live your life. There was a decision to take some space away from people who were no good for you in all kinds of relationships. These issues could no longer be allowed in your life; there was no more room for inauthentic relations with others.

Taking these steps was what needed to be done, and now, you still have the vibes of an internal revolution going on and will need to walk firmly in your truth because the Retrograde woke you up! And, now you aren’t able to see things the way you used to or even look at people the way you did before.

Uranus Direct in Aries 1/6/19; Aspects this Planet Will Make and What Can We Expect?

Let’s look at the condition of this planet and see what we can expect now that Uranus is Shadow Direct.

Uranus Trine Mercury – Clear-minded and Ready To Communicate

A Trine such as this will cause you to have moments of inspiration. You will have the ability to connect with others with your unique brand of communication. Your thoughts and intellect undergo a change for the better giving you the ability to think beyond your regular scope.

Uranus Quincunx Venus – Odd Behavior, A need for Fun and Pushback in Relationships

There will be a ton of push back in relationships where you felt controlled and a need for some adventure in your romantic life. The urge to be out of control because you are on pins and needles from your stagnant situation could cause you to rebel in love by breaking things off with said partner or seeking attention from others which will blow up in your face. Try finding ways to channel this energy better by going out for a night on the town with friends.

Uranus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – Flaky Individuals With Strong Opinions

Watch out for people who are unreliable, this is going to be the kind of aspect that causes you to flake out of events, so don’t overbook yourself or others will be disappointed. The vibes are contradictory, plus there is a tendency to be sensitive and opinionated, channel this energy positively with the help of gurus, reiki, or self-help videos.

Uranus SemiSquare Neptune – Spirituality and Music to Keep You Balanced

Use this energy to get in touch with your spiritual side. You will be highly psychic and want to help others. Be careful not to overindulge in stimulants, channel this energy with art, a fun adventure with friends, or music.

Uranus Square Pluto – Pushy But Enlighten

Pluto Squaring Uranus will cause a personal revolution where you are ready to make changes in your life, there is a need to change others views because you have undergone a considerable transformation that you want to share with others that were liberating, don’t be push or there will be power struggles. Channel this energy by doing your own thing and allowing others to follow your lead.

Uranus Square Moon’s North Node – Hang Out Where You Are Celebrated

North Node in this kind of aspect is fantastic for attracting your tribe, the ones that are full of high vibes, that just get you as a person. The karmic power of the North Node will bring people who can help you further your goals. Be careful not to overdo it because this energy can come in bouts which will be too changeable causing anxiety. This creates tension in relationships due to the sweeping the rug from under you nature of Uranus.

How Long Until We Are Out of The Shadow Retrograde Period?

All of these transits take place during the Shadow Period which lasts a little over 4 months so you will have a lot of unpacking to do when it comes down to what you need to take care of in your life. There are some favorable energies from all of this so take advantage of it. Lastly, use this time to tie up loose ends that happened over this 5-month cycle, that way you can be on your way to a year of freedom and self-expression.