/Tour Guides on Tour: Tasty Turkey

Tour Guides on Tour: Tasty Turkey

Let’s say you have a tour company with over a hundred amazing guides. What’s a fun way to make their off-season a bit more exciting? Offer to send them to Turkey on tour! They learn about an amazing country. They experience what it’s like to be tour members rather than tour guides. They bond and amp up their esprit de corps. And they have lots of fun. That’s why we organized and subsidized a Rick Steves Best of Turkey in 13 Days Tour for 25 of our guides.

Everyone who goes on our Best of Turkey Tour comes back raving about the food, and this group was no different. Enjoy a peek at some of our guides’ most tasty adventures.

smiling man wearing a chef's clothes and standing near a tower of doner kebab meat

tour guide cristina duarte smiling and eating grilled corn on the cob
Cristina Duarte
tour guide apostolos douras smiling and sitting in a restaurant booth
Apostolos Douras

a restaurant with tables with produce and other food on them and tour guides sitting at the various tables having dinner and talking

Thanks for the photos, Lale Aran and Cristina Duarte!