/We Met Our Goal! $1,000,000 for Bread for the World

We Met Our Goal! $1,000,000 for Bread for the World

a photo of rick steves jumping and text that says "we met our goal! $1,000,000 for bread for the world"


We did it! Rick Steves’ Europe travelers have met our goal of raising one million dollars to help empower Bread for the World to combat structural poverty and hunger.

2,323 of you gave $100 or more each, totaling $378,292. As promised, I matched your donations 2-to-1 with $700,000 — and together, we raised $1,078,292. All this money (100% of it) was given to Bread for the World to advocate in our halls of government for policies that help the hungry both at home and abroad.

Good Americans, surrounded by a sea of abundance (and in the midst of what I see as a political storm of greed), struggle to simply feed their children. Our initiative will result in legislation that will help shape a world where struggling people, both at home and abroad, can work hard to raise healthy, well-nourished children and have reason for hope rather than despair. There are a lot of prayers out there, and this is how prayers are answered. The more you understand the work of Bread, the more you see that this is smart compassion in action.

Now let’s see if we can go even further! You can still elevate your holiday season by joining in with a $100 donation — and when you do, I’ll send you my European Christmas gift pack or my Complete Collection DVD Box Set as a thank you gift.

Giving in partnership with caring travelers like you makes my work even more gratifying. Thanks, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas to all.