/Highlands, Islands, and Scottish Passions: Three New Episodes from Scotland

Highlands, Islands, and Scottish Passions: Three New Episodes from Scotland

rick steves with a scottish piper


I love making TV — because it means I can share my love of Europe with millions of travel partners all across America. And I’m especially excited about Season 10 of Rick Steves’ Europe, which is airing now on public television throughout the country. Over the last few months, we’ve taken you to Portugal, England, the Greek Islands, and Sicily — and now we’re wrapping things up with three full episodes about Scotland.


karel bauer holding a large camera on a tripod very close to a cow that is sniffing the camera
Cameraman Karel Bauer

We spent 18 days filming these episodes, and we never stepped foot in Edinburgh. We started off with Glencoe, Inverness, the Culloden battlefield, and Loch Ness (“Scotland’s Highlands”). Then we wandered across the isles of Iona and Skye and set sail for Orkney’s wartime harbor at Scapa Flow (“Scotland’s Islands”). And we finished things up with trips to Glasgow and Stirling Castle — enjoying a taste of whisky and a sheepdog demonstration along the way (“Glasgow and Scottish Passions”).


colin mairs, simon griffith, karel bauer, and rick steves smiling at a restaurant bar and holding beverages


rick steves and tour guide colin mairs similing in front of a wall with street art
With my friend and fellow tour guide, Colin Mairs.

I’m really excited to be able to share 90 minutes of pure, hardcore Scotland with our traveling viewers. Check your local listings — and keep on travelin’!